CRPS Support Groups

Kiwi CRPS provides positive support groups to help connect all New Zealanders living with, or supporting someone with, complex regional pain syndrome. 

We understand that CRPS can greatly limit your ability to get out of the house and deal with social interactions, thus increasing the feelings of isolation. To help combat this our support groups are nationwide and are conducted primarily through Facebook, allowing us to connect with you anytime, anywhere. 

What happens when you join?

Kiwi CRPS is a charitable trust and when people join our support groups, we consider them members, part of our CRPS family. We moderate these groups to provide a positive, supportive, and safe environment. We have tighter admission processes and rules than some Facebook groups because we are a charity. When you apply to join a Kiwi CRPS group, you will be asked some questions that help us screen out those who just wish to spam, sell, etc. Your details will be stored securely by Kiwi CRPS and never given to third parties.

After you have been accepted, we will send you a welcome pack full of useful information and introduce you to the group. Some areas around the country host regular face to face meetings and the board host virtual coffee group meetings monthly for members to participate in.

All members are also invited to attend workshops and talks that are arranged when there is the opportunity or interest; and everyone is encouraged to participate in annual events such as CRPS awareness month in November when international events such as Colour The World Orange take place.

Mental health

Unfortunately with CRPS our main symptom is, of course, pain. This makes every little thing you do in your life just that much more difficult. However, we understand that taking care of your mental health can be as important as dealing with the pain, and is a vital part of getting through each day. 

​As a support group there is little we can do, aside from advice, to help the physical aspects of CRPS, and while we strive to see the positives in life, we are here to support you when times are tough. 

​The support group members are not health care professionals. 

​If you are experiencing depression or anxiety we will do our best to support you. This could mean making sure a senior member in your area pops by to have a cup of tea either in person or online, or directing you to people and organisations who are more qualified to help. 

Five ways to wellbeing – Te Reo

Five ways to wellbeing – English

Other support

We have compiled a list of pain management services, carer and family support organisations, and government agencies that may be helpful as you navigate through your CRPS journey. These lists are not comprehensive – just intended as pointers. Please discuss with your GP your specific support needs.