Primarily we provide three separate Facebook support groups (see Support or the following link for more information). 

We facilitate regional groups in selected areas and aim to have a biannual national conference in an attempt to extend the support, create lasting friendships and further awareness. 

Finally we provide mental health awareness and support. If a member is struggling we can be their first port of call to be directed into the right place in the system for the individual.

Support groups

Kiwi CRPS provides positive support groups to help connect all New Zealanders living with or supporting someone with, complex regional pain syndrome. 

We understand that CRPS can greatly limit your ability to get out of the house and deal with social interactions, thus increasing the feelings of isolation. To help combat this our support groups are nationwide and are conducted primarily through Facebook, allowing us to connect to you anytime, anywhere. 

There are three main groups that can be applied to: 

A group for Adults diagnosed with CRPS 

A group for those caring for and/or supporting Adults diagnosed with CRPS 

A group for parents who have children diagnosed with CRPS


Within each support group we put people in touch from the same region. This creates connections, provides the basis for friendships and gives you a support network that understands what you go through on a day to day basis. 

Every two years we aim to have a national convention where you have the chance to come and meet the faces behind the charity and the friends you have made within the groups. We invite specialists in CRPS to speak, practitioners to talk about complementary methods of treatments. Teachers come to give sessions in art therapy, Yoga or mindfulness, and of course these conferences give us a chance to hear what more we could be doing for you.

We aim to locate these conventions in a center that benefits as many people as possible. We know how hard it can be to travel! 

Mental Health 

Unfortunately with CRPS our main symptom is, of course, is pain. This makes every little thing you do in your just that much more difficult. Despite this we understand that taking care of your mental health can be as important as dealing with the pain, and is a vital part of getting through each day. 

As a support group there is little we can do, aside from advice, to help the physical aspects of CRPS, and while we strive to see the positives in life, we are here to support you when times are tough. 

However, we are not professionals. 

If you are experiencing depression or anxiety we will do our best to support you. this could mean as little as making sure a senior member in your area pops by to have a cup of tea, or directing you to people and organisations who are more qualified to help. 

Immediate Help 

If you are in need of immediate help we strongly advise you contact one of the following numbers. All are staffed by professionals 24/7, 365 days a year and are all offer non-judgmental, non-religious and confidential advice: 

(Lifeline Aotearoa) 0800 543 354 

(Suicide Crisis Helpline) 0508 828 865 

(Samaritans) 0800 726 666

And of course, in case of emergency please call 111